We specialize in delivering an authentic and groovy atmosphere for your occasion by combining a diverse range of music styles with our ever-changing top-notch lineup

In 2010, a group of 40  musicians and 200 music lovers gathered in Café Storing for an open session. Little did they know, this would be the start of something big. Soon after, bookings started pouring in and the rest is history. We dared to be different and it paid off. Fast forward 12 years, our group has grown horizontally into a network of 800 gifted musicians with a huge repertoire and endless positive vibes. " The stage is big enough for everyone" this vision also captured  the attention of members of legendary bands like Prince and Graham Central Station, as well as modern icons like Snarky Puppy, Anderson Paak, and Thundercat. They've also had the pleasure of collaborating with local session musicians to bring the groove to countless places.

From humble beginnings to a flourishing network, our dedication to authenticity and diversity has allowed us to create unforgettable experiences for all who have had the pleasure to witness our performances. The stage may be big but still we find a way to make it feel intimate and welcoming for everyone.


Catch us in one of those venues in your neighborhood or invite us to your occasion for that groove.